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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 27, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you love great videos, this is the show for you, "right this minute." amazing footage as lifegu d lifeguards race to save a young boy -- >> caught in a rip current. >> how hard-charging heroes got to him just in time. cops are hot on the trail of a driver. >> she knows she's being chapsed. >> what happens when there's nowhere to go but airborne. this is how to do a handstand when -- >> hand stands just aren't enough. >> the crazy dude who pulls it
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off six stories up. and easy to see why -- >> this video is going viral. >> why drinking from a camel is an acquired taste. >> i'm not jumping on the bandwagon. lifeguards get their name for a reason you are about to see first-person video of just why they are called lifeguards. here we are on the southeastern coast of brazil. you see the guys immediately get the call. one person has the head cam rolling and they go down and pick up their flotation devices and they're speeding out to the water apparently a 12-year-old boy caught in a rip current there. you can see everybody on the beach sort of alarmed. these guys head out. eventually we're starting to see where they're headed. all the while you see the guy with the head cam, putting on his flippers, fighting through the waves. you got to duck down. the camera goes underwater a few times. but eventually keep your eyes over here on the screen.
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you start to see the boy. there they are, one of the lifeguards within a matter of minutes is able to get ahold of this youngster. they've got him saved. eventually you see a good look at the boy up close when the guy with the camera hands him over his flotation device. you start them heading back to shore and you see the boy definitely shaken up. >> wow, that's amazing that they can spot the one struggling swimmer considering how many people are out on the beach and the water. how do you know this guy is in distress? >> training. that's what they are trained to do. >> true, true. >> the poor kid must have been exhausted. it must be a scary feeling. we've experienced it in the ocean when you experience the one little wave, whoa. >> the boy makes it back to shore safe and sound. police pull you over for a traffic stop. you're supposed to pull over and stop. but one 43-year-old woman from lansing, michigan, didn't do
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that. we go to the dash cam video. this happened in deli township. this is from a sheriff's cruiser, you see the woman blow by, running a red light i might add. they make a tu andfollow. e sheriff's office just released this video. this chase reaches speeds of 90 miles per hour. you can see it's snowy there. it's only one lane on each side, so there's not much room for her to navigate to get by other cars. you've got the sirens going. she knows she's being chased. >> there's traffic crossing, too. >> watch what happens. oh. >> oh, that's awful. >> she smashes into a utility pole, but eventually comes to rest by this tree. >> did she hit anybody? >> she didn't hit anybody. the only person that was hurt was her. she suffered nonlife threatening injuries. she's still in the hospital and according to police alcohol and drugs were not a factor.
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they're still trying to figure out why this woman just took off. >> wow. maybe she was just scared. >> i mean, if the worst thing you're going to get is some traffic citation, i mean, a couple hundred bucks, yeah, were it stinks, but this is way worse. >> she could have killed herself. >> but you notice all across the street is the damage she wrought, stuff from the car, tree debris all over the roadway. and look at this car. that car newell ahead of time, do you know what, maybe i should stop back here. can you guys do a handstand? anybody? >> i used to be able to. >> against the wall, heck yeah. >> scott prefers to do his handstands -- >> no. >> oh, yeah, in high places because hand stands, you know, just aren't enough. here you go throw the leg over the retaining wall on this building and gets himself in position and hoists himself up right on the edge of that wall. now, wait for this shot here.
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there goes his legs. >> oh! >> no! >> okay, that was freaky. >> isn't that cool. he put a go pro on his ankle giving you that shot of what his pose must feel like looking over. >> how do you not get wobbly, right? >> the go pro on the ankle i just feel like it's valid. surely he's been doing handstands for a long time and you put the go pro and then you fall because you're trying to get that shot. >> you got to be confident in your abilities. scott certainly is. here's episodes two of hand stands in high places. this one seems even nuttier to me because he doesn't use that beam there. instead he pushes himself up using just that little piece of metal right there. they fly over the helicopter and give you a really spectacular view of a hand stands in high places. >> ah, geez. criminals caught on camera, the first video might make you
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cheer. this is in richmond, california. it's at an arco station. as soon as the surveillance footage picks up, you notice a hooded man, he has a gun and he's pointing it directly at the clerk behind the counter, that clerk according to reports is joseph lee and joseph lee ain't having none of it. another guy from off the screen comes in and watch what he does. he picks this dude up and he body slams him. >> yeah! >> like a speed play. >> yes. >> that's awesome. >> good. >> according to police that was another worker at this store. he was in a different section of the store. heard what was going on. came in, body slammed the guy, held him down until police arrived. >> good. >> this guy was taken into custody and he was identified as 50-year-old transient michael corbin. the next video's going to make you say boo. we got this story from our friends at cairo in washington. this is a burglary taking place at the thurston county animal shelter in olympia, washington. this is going to make you really
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mad. this doofus came in and then used his foot to kick kind of a small opening in the cage and then you watch him in the surveillance footage weaseling his way inside the animal shelter. fortunately he was not going after the animals, but he got away with some cameras and he even took some officers' belts. of course, animal shelter upset, they don't want to close off this opening for people to drop off stray animals but they are going to bring in a welder to try to make it more secure, harder to break into. a new discovery show puts the game of stones on display. >> they go into some of the most dangerous and unsecure areas of the world to get these. >> what? >> yeah. >> oh! >> now, meet the gem hunter who braves the sketchy to get the sparkle. >> it's what i know. it's what i do. and see the impressive routine this muscle man uses to get -- >> really, really, really, really fit. >> a normal person can't do one step of that exercise.
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this one is going to appeal to a lot of people, adventure travelers, check. people who love gems. >> check. >> check, check, check. >> hey. >> i think you guys might like this new show called "game of stones." it's all about -- >> america's most extreme gem hunter. >> this clip from the discovery
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channel you'll see him in back-channel trading. here he is in thailand working a deal on wonderful sapphires. >> how much? >> there are weapons involved in this? was that a gun? >> it seems like a sketchy transaction. >> you're right, guys, it's pretty nerve-racking. they go into the most dangerous and unsecure area of the world to get these gems and see a lot of shady people. >> i'll give you $150,000. >> okay, don, thinks he's got a deal but calls it off at the last second. >> get the hell out of here. >> what? >> yeah. >> oh! >> a movie villain. >> he looked like a bad guy. >> yeah. >> we do have don cogan he's joining us "right this minute." this looks like a pretty sketchy business to be involved in. tell us about it. >> we don't go looking for any problems, we're just looking for beautiful gemstones, you know,
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it's just some of the locations we go into get pretty dangerous sometime, but if you want the best stones, you want to get them at the best price it's the only way to do it is to go directly to the source. but sometimes that means going to places that nobody has been before. >> tell us about maybe the sketchiest or the most terrifying moment that we're going to see on this show. >> for example, we were going into cambodia there was a land mine situation where we didn't know if we just walked through it, we were about to walk through it. you don't know what's going on and, you know, it's a pretty sketchy situation. >> so how do you and your team, say, get word that a guy's got a load of rubies or some other precious gem, how do you find that stuff out? >> we get call, we get tips, we hear it on the grapevine. thank goodness we have smartphones these days, sometimes will snap a photo of it which sparks our interest and we're, like, where did you find this? we gather the boys together and off we go. >> i was kind of surprised
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you're not dripping with jewels like mr. t or something. >> you know, i hear you, man, but the thing is where i go, it's sometimes better to go a little bit low key. >> "game of stones" premieres on discovery channel friday, february 28th. this one i'm just going to say, ladies, enjoy. boys, use this as inspiration. ♪ frank madrano he's a calisthenics work outexpert and he puts these videos online to get fit, really, really, really, really fit. ♪ look at the amazing things this guy can do. >> are you trying to tell steven and i something here? >> no. you guys are in fantastic shape. but can you do this? >> this is real strange. >> yeah. >> he's, like, doing this
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slow-mo dance move on the pull-up bar i think about how much i struggle to -- >> do one. >> he's been doing this for many years and he works at a very famous gym in long beach called metroplex. >> this guy is in a whole nother realm of human beings. >> yeah. precious maltese puppies. ♪ not long ago i brought you guys this video. remember this product? the coca-cola social media guard? really more like the cone of shame that we put on dogs. designed to keep people from always looking at their phones and instead look out. >> yeah. designed to allow people to actually interact with one another. >> engage in conversation. now, if you remember, i told you when i originally brought you this video that we reached out
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to coca-cola and they told us that this was not affiliated with coca-cola in any way that this was just a spoof video that was put out on youtube. well, the folks from coca-cola reached back out to us and said, after conducting more research, we found out that this is, in fact, affiliated with coca-cola and, in fact, gave us an official statement. they said coca-cola social media guard is part of a wider campaign started in the middle east and takes a lighthearted look at how social media plays a big part in our daily lives impacting the way we share moments with each other. it was posted on youtube by the coca-cola team in the middle east. >> coca-cola is a global company, identify gue guess you knowing what's going on in every office in the world. >> that was their point that it started in the middle east, they wanted to generate a conversation, to get people talking about the moments in their lives, you know, before
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they stair, actually look out and experience the moment and then later go to social media and share it after you've already had the moment. and just so you know the actual coca-cola social media guard itself is not available. it's her own amazing race adventure. >> oh, my god, this is going to be hard. >> see what she wins next "right this minute." and still to come, robots hit the streets. >> and they're just walking amongst the people. >> this is really well done. >> the story behind the windup toy takeover. plus, it's got eight legs and this guy's not a fan. >> did he get it or not? >> no. >> see the epic battle to take the spider out. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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you're history.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. this is probably the
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scariest video you two will see all day because it involves live robots amongst us. as you can see here, there are a bun of windup robots. and they're just walking amongst the people of buenos aires as you see here. >> these are giant toys. >> these don't have any sort of artificial intelligence in order to take over the world that scientists have given them. this looks like a film. >> this is really well done. >> they even have shadows, like, the shadows are in the right place. yes, this is digitally done, this is for black sheep films and he's known for making short films with the fantastic afanta elements and he envisioned this is what it would be like if robots are walking around with
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us. >> the next generation "toy story" or something like that. it would be fun to watch. >> if this really happened it wouldn't be that scary because you can decipher easily who is human and who's a robot. it's scary when the robots look like humans and you don't know that you're dealing with a human-like robot. >> these are not menacing robots. they are not scary at all, they are really adorable. it looks like 1950s collector windup toys. >> i wish i knew how this guy did this. >> computers. >> computers! >> my favorite moment is the robots have to wait in long lines like us. the one leans over, how long is this line? >> the bathroom, to let out some of their oil. cat is fed up. >> a trip wire. >> [ bleep ]?
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let's face it, phobias can get the best of you. and it's not really fair when your friends catch that on camera. this is a dude, people behind the camera are calling craig. this craig is trying to be a hero in this video because as you see there is a very large spider lurking in the corner of the house. >> when you have acra craccrack arachnophobia it's scary. >> did he get it or not? >> after all of that! no. >> oh, no. he just ran away. like a girl! >> gosh. >> he creeps around the tank and suddenly you see this gigantic spider crawling up the wall. >> ah! >> and craig's still screaming. >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> ahh!
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>> that bad. >> he's got terrible aim. >> he missed it again and then he started doing the scared spider dance. >> oh! >> while screaming in a very high pitch. finally craig is victorious. that is the smooshed spider. and craig now has a video online that is titled not my finest moment. >> shut up. shut up. talk about bottoms up. >> camel is urinating and the little boy is not only drinking it, he washes his face. >> why some people beli
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this guy decided a trip a ecuador was just what the doctor prescribed, not just that he got into one of the really cool zip line flights, a canopy flight and, of course, took his go pro with him to capture the magnificent view for that
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flight. >> like superman. i love it. >> it's different than a normal zip line because your legs are also back. >> or you are not hanging from this way so you are hanging like this. >> i love that he took the go pro but it's a tough call because i would feel like automatic, you want to go. >> yeah, it's a relatively short flight, but absolutely spectacular. you can tell he's having a great time. he gets to the end of the line very quickly and they slow him down, but, wow, what a phenomenal experience. ♪ black bear cubs. ♪
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♪ when you see what this little boy is doing, you won't be surprised why this video is going viral. he's standing behind this camel. the camel is urinating and the little boy is not only drinking it, he's washing his face with the urine. >> i mean, maximizing your resources, i guess. >> he's not exactly maximizing his resources, this video took place in saudi arabia. a lot of people in that part of the world do consume camel urine for medicinal purposes. a leading doctor there was inspired by an ancient text that said that camel urine had beneficial qualities that it could possibly repel cancer. so some people believe this to be true so some people drink camel urine as a way of fighting cancer. >> i don't know. >> haven't we learned enough to know that urine is a waste
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product? >> this person has done studies where they think there are beneficial qualities, however, there are arguments saying this is not the case so people are really split. some say it does have medicinal qualities, some say it doesn't. >> the shocking thing about this video is that this child is standing directly behind this camel who's just urinating, like, directly from the source. it's not like they are gathering it in pails or jars. >> it's believed when it comes straight from the camel, that is the best way to have this. other people are questioning it, though. >> right. no thanks. that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best vide of the day "right this minute." the train crossing arms are going down, so pedestrians rush through. >> trying to beat those arms. >> see one woman's close call to end all close calls. >> oh, my gosh! racers get off to a fast start. >> that's what you want, right? >> why it's all good until somebody takes flight. danger at the drive-through with a fire that's -- >> getting bigger and bigger and bigger. >> what happens


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